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I'm surprised I don't have a post with this title yet, because little moments are the things I pay attention to most at the end of the day. I decided to post a weekly section on little moments from the week. I have had too many special moments and it's only I'm posting one early. 

This morning, one of my dearest high school friend came to the city. She is going to school for nursing in southern California, so we don't get a chance to see each other very often. She happens to be in San Francisco for a missions trip and squeezed a few hours in to have coffee with lil' ol' me. I played it up too much in my head, picturing talking for hours and catching up on every minute of life we have missed since our last long video chat (Early January.) Real life kicked in quickly. She had a small window of time to register for classes, and I could see her half listening, with one eye on her laptop, half an eye on her strawberry nutella crepe and half an eye …

Art Lately

From up in the sky...

For some reason, part of me is still amazed that I can get internet 36,000 feet up in the sky. (This is why I always test it out whenever I'm on the plane.) Though I am studying the business side of fashion, the art of it all is where my heart is. I can't go a day without drawing something- and though lately nothing is complex I make sure that I set aside time to do more than doodle on napkins with my talent.

Thank you Father God for my talent, may I always glorify You and your holiness with it!!! Thank you for dying on the cross for me today.

School of Sole

I was inspired recently while waiting for the bus to my afternoon class by staring at the ground. I do this often, mainly because I'm usually thinking of 13 things at once, and to focus on all 13 equally, I can't be too focused on much of anything; if I look completely zoned out...I probably am.

What shook me from my distractions were the shoes of my fellow classmates. I am amazed at the creativity of the men and women at my school. Some days I am convinced each class room is a catwalk, everyone putting forth their best efforts to please. Maybe we are trying to please instructors, though I secretly believe we are trying to please each other. (I used to say "I dress up for me," but I don't believe that anymore. Everyone dresses up for somebody.)

To cater to the Dior portion of my blog, I will keep a running post of the interesting shoes of my classmates. The shots are quick and in the moment, usually snapped with my phone so forgive the quality. I hope you enjoy the…


I am absolutely terrible at multi-tasking. I'll admit it...I've accepted it. My schedule for the month of April and May is more than I'm used to...therefore certain things have been set onto the back burner, including but not limited to: putting makeup on, shaving my legs, watching full movies/TV shows, posting funny videos to my friends, even...gasp...taking pictures. Needless to say, the blog is getting dusty. 

This is what my plate looks like, to give a small glimpse:
Bootcamp 6am, every day. Pre-Marital counseling once a week. Bible study with the bubs once a week, Bible study with the girls once a week, one Astronomy final, one sixty page Marketing final, one Fabric and Fiber Technology 8 piece line creation, one Fashion Forecasting essay + presentation + attending about 17 school productions to base the work off of, one World Art compare and contrast, wedding string ends to tie up, family in Minnesota to visit, and lots and lots of painting to do. Yet, I will be better…

Showered with Blessings

I know, I did it again. I have been absent...and excuses on this end. Hopefully this post makes up for it.

This past weekend I had the blessing of heading over to our home in St. Louis for my first Bridal Shower. Spending time with my mom, mommy Atogwe, mommy Aliu (I know, lots of mommas) my sister in laws to be and my best friend was so needed. A weekend with the girls was the perfect remedy to temporarily remove the stresses of school and bootcamp. Yes, since I last posted I have been partaking in a four week bootcamp, every morning from 6-730. Halfway through every class I think 'WHAT AM I DOING THIS FOR???' And after every class when I'm walking back to my place with my love, I am beaming with pride. I am a little crazy.

I have tried to compile my favorite parts of the weekend, leading up to the best 'Number One' of all time. Here we go:

5. Waking up every morning with my bestie next to me, my love in the next room, and the rest of the girls still in bed…