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Winter White with and Edge

There once stood a rule that was both respected and despised by all monochromatic obsessed women: no white after labor day. I personally have always ignored the "rules of fashion" (a long time lover of navy and black, black and brown and of course, all white) but this silly restriciton has since been acknowledged as overruled by the fashion world.

I think there is something so natural about wearing all white in the winter as long as the textures are appropriate for the season. This white cable knit cropped sweater paired with high-waisted culottes is a little too sweet for my liking, so I toughened it up with a leather jacket fit for the biker in all of us.

Acne Shearling and Leather Jacket. Asos Culottes. Zara Sweater.Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps. Chanel Quilted Clutch.


There is something so delicious about this place that we’re in- the hubs and I.After a year of almost twenty-four-seven togetherness, we’ve got this thing down. There is a predictable spontaneity that has become so second nature that I just might miss it when it’s gone. I’ll admit that at the beginning things were a little shaky. This big house seemed even bigger having him home all the time, and yet somehow in all this space it felt as if we were suffocating each other. 
As it turns out, that suffocation was oneness in the making. 
We shared time, dreams, discoveries and hurts. We shared road trips, responsibilities, laughs and dessert. It’s just the two of us- a retiree and a graduate deciding how to spend our days. They are filled with so many somethings that look like nothings from the outside. There is plenty, “what do you want to do tonight?” and sometimes, “hey, if we leave now we can make it to the eight o’clock showing.” “wanna go for a walk?” and “can you come sit with me?”…