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Gratitude in Writing

I am a journal keeper. I have journaled nearly every day for the past eight years, allowing me to step fully into a place and time in my past through my own words. These journals are for myself and The Lord and I am so grateful that on sleepy nights and rushed mornings, I still took time to put pen to paper. To remember.

These journals have gifted me with many things, but one of the greatest joys I claim through these books is gratitude. Reading words of heartache and loneliness, sifting through paragraphs of isolation and disobedience, I can truly see the story God is writing in my life. The equation has been proven over and over again in those journals: I diligently seek Him in prayer -- He is faithful. Wherever there was darkness, light was only a few pages away.

So when I'm feeling lost or lonely, if ever I begin to wonder what my place is in this world, I can look back and remember that I serve a God who answers prayer. My life is a result of prayers prayed over me and throu…

30 Week Update

Well, friends, here we are! It's time for the Fall post of my pregnancy updates. Last time I checked in, we were on the last leg of Summer and this baby had been cooking for 21 weeks. If you ever think time is passing too slowly-get pregnant and line up your due-date with the end of the Holiday season. Phew...double whammy time-stealer. Same dress, same spot, nine weeks later.

How far along: 30 Weeks.

Total weight gain: 23 pounds.

Maternity clothes: I still have yet to find the perfect maternity jeans. (Any suggestions?!) I have one pair of Paige Maternity Boyfriend Jeans but they're way too big. Wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans with the hair-tie trick is becoming a challenge. I can't help but picture the rubber band popping off and hitting someone in the eye one of these days. Simple maternity tees from Gap and Old Navy have been a daily go-to. 
Sleep: On one hand, I'm so thankful that we have an incredibly active baby. My belly looks like a waterbed just about all day l…