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Shout Out

Hello world!! (Sometimes I like to think the world reads my blog(: ) I am currently in sunny Saratoga spending time with my mommy and brother in law until the whole family gets here tonight. Well, minus my older brother..he's with my love at his Bachelor weekend in Vegas. I have to bust out two final projects and study enough to feel prepared for three finals Monday and Tuesday...but I have so much to say! So I am going to make a short IOU list:
The topic of faith and trust (bachelor party weekend may or may not have inspired this...)
My sister's baby shower
My amazing Mama
A 'Moments' session

I am promising a whole lot right now- and I am a good promise keeper! So stay tuned. For now, I just had to post the photos from my school's fashion show. These clothes are unbelievable. I have never underestimated the incredible talent of my peers, I am just not a "school spirit" type of girl. My Fashion Trend Analysis class obliged me into the situation of long lines a…


As I lay in bed after a long day of working on projects and studying, I remember a wonderful moment from this weekend; trying out mattresses (pretty much just napping) with my bubs.


Here we are on a lovely Sunday night, on the first of May. This day marks "my wedding month," and exactly three weeks until I Do. I can't believe we're out of the "months" and into the "weeks!" When I used to see women out and about and hear that they were ___ weeks away from their wedding, my heart would get all nervous. I'd think to myself, "shouldn't she be at some appointment or something?! Staying inside to avoid city bacteria, unfortunate tan lines, broken bones and the like? NEGLECTFUL BRIDE!" And now that I'm here, I'm laughing at the fact that the wedding is on the burner behind the back burner in my brain. I cannot wait to marry my bubs- but there are 288,881,0118 things that require my full attention that happen to take place first.

 The city was absolutely beautiful today and everything seemed a little bit sweeter. When my love and I finished church, we decided to walk to a new doughnut spot. (Yes, he loves his…