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L is for...

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret. My family would laugh at the fact that i'm calling it a secret, but I'd like to think I've made a big enough transformation to title it however I want.

I used to be unfathomably lazy. 

Example: I used to share one of the largest bedrooms in the house with my younger sisters Brooke and Becky. When my dad would send us upstairs to clean the room before we were allowed to eat breakfast (clean rooms were a big deal, something that I have taken to my adulthood...) I would lay on the bed with a handful of fruit snacks, delegating jobs. My sisters used to be excited for the game, faces full of joy and eager anticipation. They fell for the "whoever cleans the most, fastest, WINS!!!" They would cheer and trash talk and wait in a runners stance for me to start the notorious 'ten second tidy.' 

Like I said, my sisters were running around the huge room picking up laundry, organizing books, scrubbing toothpaste out of …

Honey, We're Home!!

We did it. Only with an incredible God, lots of help from family and friends, and the fact that we found the coffee maker in the first batch of boxes was this whole thing possible. Are you ready for this? In fifteen days, we chose a house, purchased it, and moved in.       ..Believe it. 

I lived in a hotel for two weeks, and headed back to St. Louis to finish packing the last of the boxes and direct the movers what goes where. Oj's brother and cousin flew in to meet me there and give me an extra hand, and after a very long 24 hours I was on a plane back to D.C. I twiddled my fingers all day until 6:45pm...the moment we had waited for was finally here: KEYS IN HAND!!!

My love and I immediately drove to our new home, happily turning the key and went room to room with giddy smiles on our face. We laid on the empty carpets knowing this is the last time our home would be this way. It is in these moments that I am in awe of just how much God wants us to know His goodness. 

We swung by Reds…


My heart still beats fast when I think that this man is mine.
I love that we are one,
I love that he is my best friend,
And I love the way he looks at me. What the Lord has brought together, let no man separate.


Training camp is the most grueling, taxing, and wearing time both mentally and physically on NFL football players. There is something about it that demands so much of these grown men's time and effort that leaves everyone on edge for the full camp. They are required to stay in a hotel, have a room check every night, and spend their every minute of the day devoted to learning. The preparation is certainly worth it- but that doesn't make it any more welcomed. My mom, having experienced 12 training camps with my Papa Bear, warned me of this once Oj and I got serious. She gave me tips and ideas, but the moral of the story was "be prepared to be by yourself, and remember that it's about to stop being about you."

Last year, I failed miserably about this. By the end of the two and a half week camp, I was trying to mastermind a way to remove this horrible time from the sport altogether. This year, however, I would like to say that after a day or two, I got the hang of it.…

Good in the little things.

When the sun starts to rise and I open my eyesYou are good, so good. In the heat of the day wiith each stone that I lay, You are good.  With every breath I take in, I'll tell you I'm grateful again. When the moon climbs high before each kiss goodnight, 

You are good.
So how can I thank You, what can I bring? What can these poor hands lay at the feet of a King?I'll sing You a love song, it's all that I have- to tell You I'm grateful for holding my life in Your Hands.

Virginia is for Lovers

That right there is the main road to our neighborhood. As for me, I have been absent! So absent, but I won't pretend, you guys are used to this by now. I have come to accept that I am terrible at multitasking. My husband tells me this daily, but the pride in me thinks of how women are notorious for being fantastic multitaskers. I am woman, I am fantastic!

But not really.

Whenever I multitask, the thing I am less excited about gets the shaft and comes out mangly and half-way correct. Example: listening to the reasons we should make sure the sellers/current home owners re-route a pipe in the laundry room because of its close proximity to the sink...vs. thinking about my wonderful sale hunting at Tyson's Corner. Needless to say, after following mr. inspector man around our new home for f-i-v-e hours, I had to re-read the home inspection three times. 

Today was a case of multitasking failure in its full glory: anything vs. our wedding highlight video.

Anything and everything lost.

I am…