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Be the Change

We arrived home from two weeks of traveling early this week and sure enough, a couple days after coming home Oshiolema started coughing. This child has travelled more than any 2.5 year old should in his little lifetime and somehow he still manages to get a cold just about every time we fly. The cold I can tackle pretty easily and know just what to pull out to care for it, but on Friday he came down with a fever I didn't see coming. He maintained a pretty high fever for the better part of two days which meant tons of down time, tons of playing in my bedroom with a baby while Oshiolema and O were sleeping on the couch...lots of scrolling. My daughter was climbing all over me, pulling herself up onto tables and ottomans, giggling at nothing and chewing on her plastic chicken drumstick. And I was scrolling. The more I scrolled the more I noticed my mood changing. I couldn't put a finger on it, but I finally figured it out. Instagram is a place so beautiful it has a way of inspirin…