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In My Dreams: Early Spring

My closet color palette doesn't change too much with the seasons. I have a strong base of black, white and grey that welcomes a few "colors" as the seasons change. In Autumn, hunter green and burgundy get sprinkled here and there and when the flowers bloom, those rich colors are swapped out for shades of nude and blush. Though temperatures aren't exactly warm enough to stow away my riding boots and pea coat, you can be sure my closet will be ready when the time comes! Here are some items that have caught my eye for Early Spring.

1. swimsuit 2. lotion 3. beach towel 4. spf 5. wedges 6. journal 7. clutch 8. shimmer brick 9. sunglasses 10. dress

NYFW Trend Spotting: Color

New York Fashion Week is always a whirlwind. As someone who reviews every show from home dressed in Pajamas rather than Stilletos, I am incredibly thankful for websites like that really make me feel as if I'm part of the action. NYFW marks the start of Fashion month and drooling over these collections is the only thing that could possibly make me look forward to another winter at the moment. (My hands are still numb from shoveling snow.) One of my favorite things to do to stay on top of it all is to sort through all the shows and pick out subtle trends to keep my eye on. I break them down into categories of Color, Texture, Print and Shape and I decided this year I should share them with you!

Red was huge on the runways this season, and grey certainly is the new black. I picked up on two smaller trends that I am really crushing on at the moment: Monochromatic head to toe as well as Burgundy and Pink.

Gluten Free Homemade Pop Tarts

I am pretty passionate about eating clean. My husband and I eat relatively healthy and really pay attention to knowing what we're fueling ourselves with. Because of this, when one of us wants something off the typical eating plan- nine times out of ten I'll make it. With that being said, sometimes there are cravings only Spunky Dunkers doughnuts or a Chic-fil-A milkshake can cure.

 Well, since going gluten-free this past October, those "need a deep fried dough" cravings have gone unsatisfied. I was sad, of course, but I told myself "It will just take time to adjust. These cravings will go away." And it worked!

Until it didn't.
You see, I discovered Ted's Bulletin- a fabulous restaurant in DC famous for their homemade pop-tarts- one month before going gluten free. I imagine it being the equivalent of discovering fried chicken a month before becoming a vegetarian. It's a tragedy, I tell you! I couldn't justify the reasons I was denying mysel…