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First Trimester Essentials

Hello, friends! Happy August! Since we last spoke, I have:
- traveled to five countries - visited fourteen cities - attended two weddings - spent a total of seventeen days at home - hosted 20 people for a week in our home - started growing a human being
The last one is by far the most exciting! We are just thrilled and growing into a further understanding of how great God is. Without going too far into detail, my husband and I chose to leave our family planning completely up to the Lord without any interference from us. With that decision made, however, we always expressed in prayer and to each other that we would love to wait 3 years to start a family. It sounds strange, but my husband and I had complete peace in the fact that our desires had been lined up with His will. We planned a two month trip to Europe to celebrate three years of marriage and, in typical God fashion, on the morning of our 3 year anniversary, I found out that I was indeed pregnant. God is so faithful!

Now, at …