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Wasting Days Away

Hello from Canada! 
This trip has been a much needed break from reality. The hubs and I have spent days watching episode after episode of Mad Men curled up on the couch. Spending afternoons and evenings with nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, and great friends has been the lotion to our ashy knees- the Buckley's to our sinus infection, the chocolate to our other words, it has been the perfect solution. We are so thankful to have a place where everyone can come together and truly cherish the time we get to spend with his side of the family. 
Mornings with nothing on the agenda have led to wonderful quiet times and studies. I have been able to catch up on some church services led by one of my favorite pastors, Miles Macphereson. Miles is the pastor at The Rock Church in San Diego, but I have known him since I was a little girl running around my family's Chicago home. My parents are very fond of Miles and his wife and Miles often tells me &qu…

Little Victories

My goodness, I love my husband.
And the Lord is so good for knowing 21 years age when he was forming me in my momma's tummy that 21 years later I'd be sitting on the couch in a bathrobe smiling and thinking, "My goodness, I love my husband."
I had two MRI's in a row yesterday. This is nothing gasp worthy, but I would like to declare it as a little victory. I am terrified of small spaces, and I only say terrified because I'm not confident in my SAT vocabulary enough to think of a more powerful word. Literally, hands shaking, heart dropping, throat clenching terrified. For any of you who haven't gotten an MRI- don't. Because the machine lays an inch from your face and yells at you for an hour while you can't move. And if you move (because, let's say, you're so nervous you can't lay still...or something...) then you have to do that segment again. It is an un-win-able game I tell you. 

This photo is so fake its pathetic! Everyone is all smile…