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Be Where You At.

I am currently in a state of counting down the seconds til' the end of school. That is how I approach every flight and every long class Tuesday: "I'm almost done and then I get to go home and I'm one week closer to being finished with school." This sort of outlook has given me a serious case of anxiety and antsy-ness. My nature has always been one of distraction: when I am sitting in class I'm tapping my fingers thinking I should be at the gym. When I'm working out I'm thinking I should be doing homework. When I sit down for lunch I'm thinking I should be organizing the get the picture.
Talking to my husband about this last week, he reminded me that if God wanted me to be doing anything else, I would be doing it. This is just the phase of life I am in, and if he has me here...I better live in the moment to experience what He has me learning. Thinking of these wise words reminded me of last Fall semester... Last year was a very interestin…

Change of Plans

This week was absolutely fantastic. Time has passed so quickly already, and I am almost sad to know that this season will be over before we know it. For the past month I have been praying every day with my family and husband that he will be able to play in the first game. Praying for the full healing of his hamstring and praising God for playing through him this season. After the first game, and first win (!) of the season when we were all laying on the couch watching Entourage, it hit me that the moment had passed. God had answered our prayers and blessed my love and now that is in the past. I think too much, and think far into things, but that has been on my mind. Through this time of back and forth and newness of our marriage and rookie-season as Redskins I want to be sure to soak up every single day.

I am sitting on the plane on my ride back to San Francisco for class tomorrow. Which means I survived my first full week of the back-and-forth semester. I was initially concerned abou…