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Proud to be an Atogwe

At the end of March, I took a step outside my comfort-zone. 
A 7,849 mile step, to be exact.
I, friends, spent fifteen days in Abuja, Nigeria

I absolutely love to travel, and traveling to a brand new place to experience something I have never encountered before is always the most exhilarating. Something, however, that trumps my adoration of travel is my exclusive and all consuming love of comfort. I have known about this trip to Nigeria for a year now, and since meeting my husbands parents three years ago I have heard countless stories of their home in the village. I had so much time to prepare myself for the trip, but chose to keep it very vague and hypothetical until February rolled around. Although my husband hadn't visited his family there in 14 years, I asked question after question hoping it would provide a perfect visual of this coming vacation.
I checked the weather and found out it would be a lovely 106 degree average during our stay. I couldn't wrap my head around it...W…