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Pain, Words, and Beyonce

Maybe it was the twenty second flight since September 1st that did this to me, Maybe it's the whirlwind of the Holidays, Maybe its the herniated discs that wont give up after four years,  Maybe it is the home decorating, the five losses in a row, or just plain too much on a plate. 
Who knows what is to blame, but I woke up this morning absolutely exhausted and worn down- physically and emotionally. I almost cried at the gym out of sheer confusion as to why I feel like such a mess.I have been talking to my back as if it were a person, like it is responsible for the issues it causes. I have been treating my immune system as if it were a younger sister that did something wrong for allowing me to get sick.
Ultimately, however, the thing I cringe at accepting is that I am angry at God because I don't understand or agree with some twists and turns he has presented me with. Unknowingly, when I speak negatively, fearfully, or doubtfully about my back, I am speaking those things to my Hea…

My Sister is a Mommy

Five and a half hours is not enough time to spend with the hubby on Saturday afternoons.
Five and a half hours is never enough time to walk through the city on a day to yourself.
Five and a half hours never goes by quickly enough on a plane ride from DC to San Francisco.
Luckily for me, there is  a Sex and the City Marathon and I tuned in just in time to see Carrie’s Paris wardrobe. I am still tapping my fingers though and checking the clock religiously- as baby B, Kristen and I all woke up congested with sinus pressure that isn’t messin’ around. I don’t know who to blame for the sandpaper throat, but I would do this over a million times if it meant having my sister and sweet baby B around more often.

One of the most unbelievable changes in my life thus far has been watching my big sister become a mother. We have both been babysitters and nannies our whole lives, but seeing her hold this gorgeous little blue eyed baby that is her very own, and my very own niece, has changed me. The sam…