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The Greatest Valentine.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, love is certainly in the air. Red and pink have snuck their way into every crevice of the universe and glitter and lace are racing off the shelves. I personally have always been a fan of Valentines Day. I’m sure my affection for the holiday began in kindergarten when we exchanged Power Ranger and Lisa Frank Valentines and got to eat candy by the bucket-full before our parents could tell us “just one.” Since then, I have learned that, to most, Valentines Day means roses, chocolates, wine, smiles, candle-light, and romance.To me, it just means love-letters. I am a self-proclaimed love-letter addict, so can you blame me for being Valentine’s biggest fan?
            When we are young, the ‘love-letters’ come in the form of simple and mass-produced cards that have a catchy rhyme and a to: and from: spot. Somehow, that was all it took to convince me that a boy really liked me; a generic Star Wars Valentine that said “To: Jill From: …

The Far Right Lane

I have said many times before that we should look different than everyone else. We should measure our ethics and standards against theBiblerather than measuring ourselves against thisworld we live in. I have been hearing this message everywhere I turn lately, and today it hit me like a ton of bricks.
My husband and I took a class at our Church yesterday and at the end of the six-hour meeting, the Pastor randomly spoke about driving the speed limit. He said “The law says drive 50, but ‘everyone’ is driving 70…what does obedience look like here?” That watered something in my spirit that had been growing, but I didn’t think twice about it. You see, a few months ago my husband heard in his prayer time that he needed to drive the speed limit. All. The. Time. It makes me insane to be chugging along at a ripe ol’ speed of 55mph on the highway. My heart nearly bursts every time I’m in the passenger seat, and if one more Smart Car zips past us I might need to be institutionalized. (Submission, …